Top 10 Notepad++ Plugins For Writers And Coders

The Hotel Pen and Notepad Set is the perfect addition to any gift for yourself or your favorite travel buddy. Whether you use the pen and paper to send a love note or jot down a reminder to book your next flight — these essentials are fit for every traveler. Plus, the set comes with a nifty vegan-leather pen holder (so your pen doesn’t get lost at the bottom of your bag. In the command prompt, type ping googledns and press Enter.

Overall, Notepad++ is a powerful upgrade from the default Notepad application, and this is evident as soon as you launch it. It is a versatile tool that is suitable for both casual and advanced users. If you feel that the basic Notepad offered by Microsoft no longer meets your needs, then Notepad++ may be a great alternative for you. From version 8.4.2, It allows users to customize the toolbar icons and from version 3.1, it has the ability to support extensions and plugins. Another interesting feature you won’t find in your everyday text editor is Column Editing.

iTextpad Online Notepad

Project support feature helps you to work efficiently on multiple projects. Column editing is super simple in Notepad++ 🤓 All you have to do is press the Alt key while selecting text. You can use either Alt+Mouse Dragging or Alt+Shift+Arrows. This works perfectly on text that is already aligned. But what if your text is not formatted as columns already?

For windows, we use Notepad, which is the default text editor. As we know that Notepad is a simple text editing software for Windows, now if you want an advanced text editor then you can use Notepad++. A Code Editor is a special text editor program designed to write and edit source code and computer programs. It helps programmers write and edit source code and programs easily by differentiating elements and in-built routines. Light Table is an IDE and text editor tool for software development.

When you are using the Live Preview feature, Brackets will open a Chrome window which will automatically reflect any changes to CSS and HTML of your code. Sourcing the best Mac apps and software for over a million users since 1997. If all you need is an editor to organize and write notes, and aren’t concerned with spending money, iNotePad has got you covered. Although it is similar to NotePad, this software is more responsive and powerful. While this software is free, there’s also a paid version ($13) that contains fancy features such as snippet manager and split-pane view. Sublime Text is one of the richest text editors available for Mac which can be used for code and casual writing.

  • Unfortunately, Notepad++ is Windows-only software.
  • It is a source code editor, a text editor, and an HTML editor.
  • Open the corrupted notepad file to see if it is repaired.

No matter what the OS, the default editor is important. Changes to the default editor that address long standing demands by the community are important. Communicating those changes to a wide audience is important as well. Windows XP use to have software to make shell look like anything.


In this chapter, we’ll create a web page step by step so you can get a feel for what it’s like to mark up a document with HTML tags. Of course there’s no easy way to save your work, so while this is probably the most minimal editor you could hope for, it isn’t the most practical for actual work. Check out the comments on Aguinaga’s post and on this Hacker News thread for some enhancements to the basic idea and a Chrome extension. At the command prompt type “cns -o “, where is the name of the well-formatted file that will be created by cns, and is the name of the file that you modified in step 2. No matter what HTML editor you choose, keep in mind that they offer the same output, which is you creating an inspection form for your company. So choose which one suits you best and move on to the next step.

Where is the Hosts File on Windows x64?

You can control which app launches when you open a file on a Windows PC or Mac. MacHow2 February 11, 2015 Charlie, Sublime Text wasn’t included in this article because it’s more heavily focused on coding than writing. Most people that want an alternative to NotePad on Mac want it for note taking and writing rather than programming.